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How does it work

We provide a simple and easy way to update your progress on the Applachian Trail. The idea is to provide a map where the trail is shown as long, as you have hiked it. To update your progress you select the last shelter you have passed. The nearest point on the trail is used as marker for your progress.

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Embed the map in your blog to show your followers where you are.


Share the link to your profile with your friends and family.


Use it to track your location on the trail in a public or private logbook.

Or do whatever you like to do with it, whether showing life signs for your people at home or just as your personal logbook.

If you are missing an important feature, get in touch with us.

We used it, too!

We ourselves hiked the AT northbound in 2017. And we had been asked by our family, friends and colleagues how they can follow us. The obvious options are blogs and photo albums. But we thought it would be awesome for them to see the actual miles we hiked. Therefore we used and tested this service firsthand in 2017.

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Our thanks goes to

Without the help of others, this service would not be possible. Here is the place where we want to thank them. However they are in no way associated with us.